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About Us

    Pandora's Soap Works is located just outside Raleigh, in Zebulon, North Carolina.

   Our Moto: Feed your skin................FEED IT!!!

   Our focus is to provide a quality product that will help to heal the individual as well as the planet through awareness by using organic soap & body products.

   Pandora’s Soap Works came about because of Colleen’s love of gardening and her medical background. She is an experienced handmade soap artisan with satisfied customers throughout the United States. In her medical profession she became aware of the various skin conditions that people are struggling with and the need for affordable remedies. Soap seemed a logical jumping off point as most people with skin conditions and allergies cannot use certain soap products. Due to our loyal and happy customers, what started out as a hobby eventually became a full time family business.

   Our products are made using only sustainable resources which is important to our business model. We invite you to try them!

Ingredients: Only organic materials such as Salts, Minerals, Oils, Fibers, Herbs, Spices and Essential oils are used. Herbal extracts are used as a natural preservative therefore, you will never find parabens, SLS's, or any carcinogens in any of our organic soap products.

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