Belgian Wheat Beer Shampoo Bar

We chose a Belgian-style witbier that’s brewed using unmalted wheat, spiced with Coriander and Orange peel as our version of a Belgian Beer Shampoo Soap Bar.

You will notice that after using this wonderful smelling beer shampoo your hair/beard feels stronger and softer to the touch. You will begin to notice that your hair has a new shine and bounce to it. That comes from the natural ingredients that make up the essence of this fine quality beer. Its wonderful for color treated and dry damaged hair.  It brings back the natural PH balance to the scalp and removes debris around each hair follicle.

If your concerned about reducing your carbon footprint, the effects on our plant, then using bar soaps is a good step in that direction. 

So there you have it; a straightforward essential product that provides relief, contains no harmful chemicals and comes from nature.

*Because of it's antibacterial, anti-fungal & antiviral properties, each of our soaps includes Colloidal Silver.

*The custom blend of oils in our soaps is formulated specifically to create a longer lasting, harder bar of soap that offers a rich, thick lather made with all natural, vegan ingredients.

To prolong the life of your soap, it should be stored in a dry place or on a slotted soap dish.


Belgian Wheat Beer Soap & Shampoo Bar

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