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                                                                           Dirty Ernie’s Dog Treats

                                                                     made from spent beer grains

                                                                                             12 oz


  • SUSTAINABLE: Made from upcycled spent beer grains from local Raleigh breweries. This helps lighten the load on the 42 million tons of grain that make it into landfills world wide each year and lets us make our nutrient dense treats with high quality, Southeastern ingredients. With no fermented hops or grains, your dog can enjoy a brew while you enjoy your favorite pint.
  • FREE FROM FILLERS: Good clean food, No hormones, No preservatives, No meat by-products. All of our handmade Dirty Ernie’s Dog Treats contain no artificial coloring, preservatives, BHT,BHA or GMO’S and beer grains contain very little gluten. Just high-quality ingredients made and sourced in North Carolina, USA.
  • PREMIUM GRADE INGREDIENTS: Pet approved, Dirty Ernie’s Dog Treats are fur-eshly baked with local breweries spent beer grains and contains only five ingredients.
  • YOUND OR OLD: Simply high-quality, wholesome, 100% all natural dog treats that are great for sensitive stomachs, picky eaters, puppies and seniors and all breeds big or small. Twice baked that supplies a satisfying crunch that your pet will appreciate.

Great, tasty nutrients for your fur babies and wonderful for the environment. Ingredients include: Eggs, Spent Beer Grains, Unbleached Wheat Four, Organic Peanut Butter and Basil.


Why eggs?

Eggs are packed with protein, essential amino and fatty acids, Vitamin A, B12, folate, iron, selenium and riboflavin which contribute to healthy skin, bones, and teeth.


Why spent beer grains?

Considering that 42 million tons of spent beer grains are sent to landfills world wide every year, it’s a wonderful way to have a positive impact on our environment but more importantly an all natural digestible ingredient treat option for pet owners and their dogs. Brewers grain (or spent grain) is what is left after the process of germinating dried cereal grains (most typically barley) for the production of beer. The remaining product is a nutritious concentrate of fiber and protein. History reveals that monks would brew beer and feed the spent grains to their livestock. Spent beer grains are a terrific source of protein and fiber which helps with digestion, providing essential amino acids needed for healthy muscle growth, repair and energy levels. Considering all the unhealthy preservatives and fillers found in commercial pet food treats, Dirty Ernie’s Dog Treats provide a product full of nutrients that makes a welcome change to the ordinary dog biscuit treat.


Why Unbleached Flour?

We chose unbleached flour for the following reasons: Technically, all flours are bleached, however, it’s the process by which it happens that sets these two types of flour apart. Bleached white flour is treated with chemical agents to speed up aging, while unbleached flour is bleached naturally as it ages. This affects not only the color and grain of each type of flour but the end result of baked goods. Unbleached flour is flour that has aged naturally after being milled. It has an off-white color, which continues to dull as it ages and a more dense grain than bleached flour. Most notably unbleached flour has less Gluten and it contains significant amounts of vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium and potassium.


Why Organic Peanut Butter?

Okay, what dog doesn’t love Peanut Butter? Besides being an excellent source of protein and healthy fats, it contains vitamins B & E as well as Niacin, amino acids that help support the immune system, repair and maintain cell growth, assist with making hormones, enzymes and antibodies. All that from Peanut Butter ? YES!


Why Basil?

  • Because our fur babies need more organic greens in their diets, besides, dogs seem to like it. In small quantities, basil is very healthy for your dog. It’s an anti-inflammatory that also contains a high level of antioxidants to help prevent many types of illness including cancer. Basil also helps prevent cellular damage, calms your anxious dog, and eases arthritis pain. That’s a win-win in our book! So there you have it! A pet food product that has no preservatives, has tremendous health benefits and does no harm to the environment.

Shipped in a 100% recyclable mailer and packaged in a recycled resealable stand up pouch. 

Dirty Ernie's Dog Treats

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